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Treatments Offered

As a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist, I aim to help treat a wide spectrum of mental health issues, compulsions and disorders. Whether you just need someone to talk to after a difficult divorce or you are looking to try hypnosis to relieve your stress and anxiety, I can provide you with both of these treatment options, along with everything in between. Take a look at the services below to get a better sense of what I can do for you. For more information, on psychotherapy treatment in Bergen County, feel free to contact me at 201-894-0071. I look forward to helping you lead a more fulfilling life.

Phobia / Panic Attack Treatment: When you suffer from a phobia or have a tendency towards panic attacks, life can feel very limiting. With the use of hypnotherapy and counseling, I can help reduce your feelings of anxiety and fear so you can go through life without these debilitating symptoms.

Hypnotherapy: When you are suffering from anxiety, stress, weight issues, smoking addiction, migraines, stammering and other conditions that affect your quality of life, hypnosis can often be a useful supplement to traditional therapy.

Depression Counseling: If you are feeling persistently tired, irritable, hopeless and sad, you may be suffering from depression. If these symptoms go unchecked, they can lead to more serious and dangerous circumstances. By meeting with me, we can talk it out and find a solution.

Couple/Marriage Counseling: When your relationship has taken a turn for the worse, you may feel distressed and hopeless. Sometimes all you need is to express yourself to an unbiased third party. I can help you and your loved one express yourselves and resolve your issues.

Anger Management: It is quite normal that we all experience anger, to some extent, at different times in our lives. It is, however, not normal, nor healthy when anger becomes uncontrollable or pervasive in our lives. When anger interferes with our daily lives, it is time to seek help.

Bereavement Counseling: Going through the grieving process can feel inexplicably painful and impossible to deal with. I can offer you emotional support, free of judgment. Healing takes time, but verbalizing your thoughts and expressing your feelings can offer a great deal of solace.