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Welcome to the place where all your thoughts, feelings and everything you say to me is in the strictest of confidence. It is such confidentiality which is the cornerstone of a successful working relationship. The rapport which develops between us allows you to more easily talk about and discuss your situation than it has ever been. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you and helping you resolve whatever issue that may be bothering you. Once achieved, you will feel better, more confident and able to get on with your now, more fulfilling life.

Now in my 20th year of private practice, I have been helping a diverse population of individuals, couples and families cope with, manage and eventually overcome whatever obstacle(s) may be in the way of their leading a happier, richer and more fulfilling life. I help people with a wide array of problems, specializing in the treatment of Panic Attacks & Phobias, Depression, Anger Management as well as couple/Marriage Counseling and Bereavement Counseling. I also use hypnotherapy as a treatment method, when needed.

I offer many treatments beyond the areas in which I specialize. I also have much experience and expertise in the treatments of addictions, domestic physical and/or verbal abuse, Trauma, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), psychosis as well as other issues and problems. Please ask me any questions you may have about my treatments offered.

Why Therapy?

There are a multitude of reasons why you need to talk with a professional. It may be about feelings, at times overwhelming, that interfere with routines of daily living such as work or your social life. Often it is a situation in your life that calls for guidance and direction. My extensive life experience, both personally and professionally, help me better understand and help you through such difficult times.

Psychotherapy is an integral and crucial tool in the treatment of different problems (disorders). Medication may help to alleviate symptoms of most disorders. It is only through therapy, however, can the root of the problem be resolved and the symptoms, in most cases, be permanently gone.

Whether you or someone you know is experiencing panic attacks and phobias, depression, personal problems, or in the need of help with anger management, couple counseling or getting over the loss of a loved one, I would like the opportunity to help you through these difficult times. If you are not sure if counseling is for you or if you have any question regarding my treatments, please give me a call. I offer a complimentary telephone consultation. I look forward to talking with you.