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Depression Counseling

Are you feeling sad and/or hopeless? Do you no longer enjoy those activities that were once fun or find yourself socializing less? You may have noticed that you lack motivation and find yourself procrastinating more than usual. Is your concentration and short term memory not as sharp as it was? Are you sleeping and/or eating more or less than usual? Do you feel fatigued for seemingly no reason? Perhaps you are feeling restless. Maybe you are having thoughts of not wanting to live anymore. If you have a number of these symptoms, you are depressed. Though medications may lessen or alleviate some of these symptoms, medication alone is not the answer. Your problem is never resolved and medication will only hide the effects of your depression for an indefinite amount of time. It is only through counseling that we can work together to resolve the underlying problem(s) responsible for such symptoms. Most often, once your problem is resolved, your symptom, caused by that problem, will be gone and you will be able to live a richer, more fulfilling life.