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Treatment of Phobias & Panic Attacks in Bergen County

You can’t live with them. Now you can live without them. You may experience a shortness of breath (hyperventilation). A rapid heartbeat (palpitations) may also be experienced. This may happen separately or simultaneously. It is not uncommon to also have a tightness or pain in your chest. Once such symptoms are proven not to be physiological, you are most likely experiencing an anxiety or panic attack. You are not alone. Millions of people in the U.S. experience the same. Right now, however, your experience is all that matters.

There are several stressors in your life that cause such attacks. A sense of loss or impending loss is one such stressor. Another stressor is that you may be feeling trapped, literally or figuratively. Feeling trapped in a car, elevator or plane are several examples of feeling literally trapped. You may be dissatisfied where you are in life. Perhaps you are not happy with your relationship(s),your job or the lack of progress you feel you’ve made in your life.

These are examples of feeling figuratively trapped. All are precipitants of panic attacks. Such panic attacks often lead to phobias. The fear of driving a car, riding an elevator or crossing a bridge are several examples of such phobias. Once the panic attacks are gone, the phobias will also go away. Though medication may aid in the decrease of the symptoms of panic attacks, only through counseling can the issues causing the attacks be resolved. When the choice is between counseling or a lifetime of medication treatingthe problem, the choice is a simple one. With my direction, we work together to resolve such issues of feeling trapped or the sense of loss.

As such issues are resolved there is a decrease in panic attacks until they finally stop. Until the problem is fully resolved, I will give you proven techniques to stop the attacks. These techniques and treatments are available to all Bergen County residents. There is peace of mind only minutes away.

For further information or help with this problem, please contact me. I look forward to working with you.

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